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Including ID Verification, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Proof of Funds, PEP’s & Sanctions Check.




£35.00 EX VAT



Movin Legal is part of the government and industry-supported digital identity & verification (IDV) scheme, known as MyIdentity.  MyIdentity helps Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Mortgage Brokers, Lenders & Clients improve the customer IDV process by adopting Government backed standards and improved barriers to fraud.  Combined with this, MyIdentity identity service providers now carry liability for their work, as they need to be certified to the DCMS Framework and meet MyIdentity scheme specifications. 

Your client now only needs to get their identity verification done once, with the ability to control and share their identity and source of funds with whomever they need during the home buying and selling process, using their own secure digital vault.  This is fully compliant with the AML Regulations. 

HMRC are involved in a crackdown of money laundering practices by criminals and has identified the housing sector as having one of the highest rates of money laundering.  They have already fined dozens of Estate Agents for not completing their AML checks to a high enough standard, causing not only a painful financial penalty but a loss of reputation, which has, in some cases led to the Estate Agent shutting down.

The question is how much is your business worth to you?

The Movin Legal service is the answer, by using our fully digital, government and Myidentity scheme aligned service, the following will be provided to you and reduce certain liabilities from your business:

  • Full identity & verification check (IDV)
  • PEP’s & Sanctions checks
  • AML checks
  • Proof of funds checks
  • A certificate to show that all checks have been carried out to the Government Framework and scheme requirements
  • Liability cover per transaction of up to £1M
  • Clients are provided with their own secure digital vault enabling them to control, manage and share their credentials with you, so fully GDPR compliant. 
  • Meet planned Government legislation and standards

For further details, please contact Movin Legal and let us take the stress of ID verification, AML and proof of funds from you. 

It's not expensive either.  So, if you are an estate agent, conveyancer or broker looking to improve your processes and reduce the number of dropouts and issues later in the process, please contact us today for a demonstration regarding this revolutionary service or simply click on the link below to register now! 

£35.00 EX VAT



or call 0330 024 9123 for further information or if you require any further help.

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