Property Log Book® (PLB)

The Property Log Book® (PLB) is used by estate agents, solicitors & conveyancers, new home builders, financial intermediaries, and mortgage lenders to improve access to the property information.  The Property Log Book® (PLB) provides a comprehensive record of what has taken place on a property at the time of sale, build, or improvement giving relying parties and occupants better access to property information in order to support home buying and selling and better home management. 

The Property Log Book® (PLB) provides a visual and contextual record of your property for life and contains information about your property, including photos and videos, kitchen and bathroom details, user guides, manuals, and legal documentation.

You can upload any information you want into your Property Log Book ® such as any changes you may make to your property, service providers, and more.

The benefit is to have at your fingertips a complete reference to all documentation, information on the quality of your new home, and security of having all your important documents in the one secure place which you can access via the web or mobile phone, 24/7, and not have to worry about lost or misplaced information.

This will add value to your home and help you complete a sales transaction when you come to sell.

The Property Log Book (PLB) is the original secure online tool enabling people to manage information about a home and share this as and when required.  The Property Log Book (PLB) is a tool to manage information and content useful for future sales, for insurance purposes, managing energy performance, maintenance, and remodelling.  


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Ask us about the Property Log Book® on 0330 024 9123, The Property Log Book® (PLB) provides a comprehensive record of what has taken place on a property at the time of sale.

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